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Be Your Own...

Have you ever had the feeling like it just never fits? The top looks great but the bottom is way too big. Or the cheeky bottom is just perfect, only if the top underlined your shape better. Well, we've all been there. So many times we wished it was the right bikini to make us look fabulous on that summer vacation but yet again it went back onto the store shelf.


BYO brings you swimsuits for you to feel like the Queen of the summer. The amazingly soft and stretchy fabric lets you shine with confidence while you´re enjoying a dip in the ocean or at the pool. It is the perfect mixture of sustainability and fashion that will make you want to wear your bikini beyond the beach.


Created in Barcelona, BYO strives to inspire women not to conform to what their bodies should look like, and instead celebrate their individuality by being their own inspiration, role models and superheroes...

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