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It is possible to be sustainable and fashionable. And we are here to show it!

​At BYO a lot of time and effort goes into making sure we are as sustainable as we can be. We are committed to taking the road that is more difficult but we all know is the right one to protect our environment.


​All our swimsuits are made of recycled Polyamide (82%) and Elastane (18%). The main component Polyamide is created from the ECONYL® yarn, which is a 100% regenerated nylon derived from waste such as fishing nets and carpets. This yarn is created by reusing these materials after their useful lifetime, so that instead of ending up in a landfill they are given a second chance as a fabric.

Our dresses are made of TENCEL™ Modal (98%) and Elastane (2%). Modal fabric is created by extracting the pulp from naturally grown beach wood and converting the wood pulp to fiber in an environmentally responsible process. Modal is not only more sustainable than cotton in its creation process; it is also extremely soft and breathable making it the perfect choice for high temperatues.


​We produce locally in Barcelona in a family run workshop where every single piece is handmade with utmost attention and care. This type of manufacturing allows us to produce in small quantities so that no resources go to waste. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible not only with the fabric but also with the people that work with it.


​We use no plastic to pack your swimwear. Our shipping boxes and tape are made from kraft paper. We use wrapping paper, hang tags and "thank you" cards that are FSC certified.

If you would like to find out more about our sustainability practices, please feel free to reach out. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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